how to be intentional

Intentional. In-ten-tion-al (adjective) To do on purpose, deliberate, calculated, planned.


This is a word used to describe me. I always referred to myself as a saver but in essence I am much more than that. Savings is only one piece of the pie in relation to my whole being. I am intentional.

What exactly does this mean and why am I telling you about it.? Well, maybe you are someone like me; and like me haven’t been able to properly come up with a label to describe you. I share saving tips on social media, in articles, and by word of mouth. Because of this, people thought I was a savvy saver but not everyone cares about saving. Some people care about getting what they want, when they want it. To those people savvy is interesting but when they hear saving, all they picture is waiting to get what they want.

I actually plan on what it is I want to do, then I set out to do it. I want to show others that being intentional is more than a mood, it is a lifestyle. My quote is “intent and purpose” and I tell myself this and others around me. I believe when you have a plan you are planning to not fail.

Many people are stuck on autopilot and this causes problems, not right away, but over time. It makes the brain weak from lack of use, it causes them to pay for ongoing billing and maybe not even know they are doing it, it causes relationship issues and more. We are the only creation God made that has free will, we are superior to every other living thing and we were given decision making skills. What are we saying to God when we follow the rules of this world? When we allow commercials to dictate what we buy, when we buy it, and how we buy it? When we have the mindset of “set it and forget it”.

I believe this is a form of disrespect to God. I believe we were meant for more. Many people pray for miracles, changes in their lives, and never take the first step to helping make the change or miracle happen. Did you know that when you do your best – God will do the rest? Did you know that maybe God is waiting to see what you are going to do before he steps in? Did it ever cross your mind? If not, ask yourself “why not”?

Intentional thinking is how we use power and authority over our lives, all of which were given to us? The devil has power but we have something superior to him, we have power and authority. God wants us to achieve greatness and be different than this world. We are only passing through.

It disturbs me when we allow ourselves to be broken down and left for dead. By sitting idle in front of the television or other device watching mindless information (sitcoms, etc.) we are wasting our brains away. We might do this to escape life as we know it but little did we know we are only escaping the life we have made. By us not taking a stand and allowing decision to be made on our behalf our minds have grown accustomed to acceptance. This can be seen when observing a child. Give them a list of things to do and see what happens, they will ask you to tell them what to do. They are so accustomed to being told what to do by everyone that they are not developing the skills necessary for decision making. Many people would refer to this as a well behaved child but as the child becomes an adult these same people are worried this child might not be able to do for themselves. Whose fault is this?

Being intentional is something I do every minute of every day. It is simply thinking about what I am doing before I am doing it, while I am doing it and after I did it.  As I talk to others I discover that I am different than most people. I am not a fan of technology just because it is available. I think about what the purpose is of something new and if it is necessary for me to have it. Is it going to make my life easier rarely crosses my mind. However; that is always on the mind of some people. When a new phone comes out and people flock to get it, I often think what is wrong with the one I have and if I determine nothing then I no longer think about it. This is another saying I use “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”. Being intentional is making rational decisions based on being a good steward of what you are given. If I want more then I must show God that I deserve more. Being irresponsible is not the way to do this. I am to take care of what I have, share with others, and use money wisely. What is a good steward anyway? This may surprise you to know that you actually don’t own anything. In fact everything titled in your name, money in your bank, and the clothes you wear, along with the car you drive is God’s. Yes, he allows you to use these things because he loves you. He only requires 10% which is his to start with. He allows you to have the other 90% to do with what you choose. You get to use your free will to do what you like with the money however; if you can’t manage what he gives you – then you can’t manage more. Being a good steward of what you are given (money or the items you purchase with that money) allows you more of the riches of the Kingdom. Being a good steward must be intentional and it also helps us to change our thinking and become intentional in other areas of our lives.

This is how I became known as the sweepster and savings queen. I am intentional but people mostly only see the savings side of me. People see what they want to see and don’t look any farther. When they watch my videos or read my articles they don’t see “the intentional shopper in me” but rather they think of “cheap or thrifty” and being that they have been conditioned to be the opposite by this world have no interest in what I am doing. Some people might think of me as poor because I shop with intent rather than just shop. The word cheap in our society is looked down on and here is an example “that item was cheap” refers to getting a good deal; but when you say “you are cheap it means you want everything for nothing”.  Funny how we label that which we don’t understand. They want the items I am getting and often say “I need to do what you do” or “I wish you would get me deals like that” but they themselves don’t want to change to do what I do.

Intentional people are not surprised by much. They see the small signs that lead up to the big picture and they are ready and prepared for almost everything. They follow God’s plan and value the miracle of life he gave them. Now, I ask you – do you want to become intentional?